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Recovering from any form of drug addiction usually requires a combination of therapy, medication, counseling, and other methods. Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) can help to promote recovery, decrease withdrawal symptoms, and help the patient cope. Medication-assisted treatment involves combining behavioral therapy and counseling with medications that help to manage the discomfort that occurs when a person stops taking their drug of choice.

Medication-assisted treatment is available at Specialists Medication Assisted Treatment. We have 2 convenient locations in Jeffersontown and Elizabethtown. Give yourself better odds of successful recovery by calling 502-653-3575 to set up an appointment with us for an evaluation.

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A Customized Approach

MAT comes with a handful of benefits like:

  • Higher odds of long-term sobriety
  • Lowers criminal activity and illicit drug purchases that can have legal ramifications
  • The patient is more likely to be able to acquire and maintain employment during the course of treatment
  • Increases the odds of a healthy pregnancy for pregnant women with substance abuse disorders
  • Lowers the odds of a drug overdose

How Medication-Assisted Treatment Works

MAT is mostly used to treat patients that are addicted to opioids like prescription pain killers, fentanyl, and heroin. The patient receives medication to supplement behavioral therapy and counseling. The prescribed meds are used to normalize body functions, provide relief from physiological cravings, block the "high" of opioids, and normalize the patient's brain chemistry.

The drugs we use for medication-assisted treatment are all approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Federal law mandates combining MAT with physiological and behavioral counseling.

Medication-assisted treatments give patients a more comprehensive and customized approach to addressing the unique circumstances surrounding their addiction. The MAT programs also provide support services. The goal of medication-assisted therapy is to help recovering users to transition to a sober lifestyle. Medically managing the mental and physical effects of drug withdrawal increases their odds of long-term sobriety.

Seek The Treatment You Need

No matter the substance of choice, drug addiction will have a negative impact on your life. It can damage your relationships with friends or family members and prevent you from being a productive member of society. Drug addiction increases your odds of contracting diseases like HIV, and it can also have legal ramifications.

The fact you are reading this means you are ready to make a positive change. At Specialists Medication Assisted Treatment, we can make your road to recovery smoother. Take your first step towards sobriety by calling 502-653-3575. We have 2 convenient locations in Jeffersontown and Elizabethtown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does MAT swap one addiction with another?

It is a common misconception, but that is not how medication-assisted treatment works. What MAT does is provide relief from withdrawal symptoms, and it blocks receptors that are stimulated by certain drugs. So long as the patient continues treatment under medical supervision, there is less of a chance of developing a new addiction.

Is medication-assisted treatment safe?

Yes. All drugs used have to be approved by the FDA. We will evaluate the patient's addiction and current health before determining which medication will be the most effective choice for them. We will ensure any medication used for MAT does not interfere with any medication the patient is currently taking or pre-existing conditions.

Can I get MAT without doing anything else?

No. Federal law states that medication-assisted treatment must work in combination with counseling and therapy. The medication reduces the negative effects of withdrawal on the body, while counseling and therapy address any mental and behavioral issues that make the patient more vulnerable to addiction.

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