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Drug addiction counseling helps you overcome your challenges with substance abuse or dependency so you can get your life back on track. Seeking treatment is essential because addiction and abuse affect one’s longterm health and the lives of others. For the addict, drug dependency can affect their physical, mental, emotional, and social health.

Fortunately, there is hope for even the most difficult cases. At Specialists Medication Assisted Treatment, we can provide drug addiction counseling to set patients on an appropriate treatment program. We strive to provide the relief you and your loved ones are seeking.

Do not try to fight the recovery battle on your own. If you live in or near Jeffersontown, you can seek out recovery today. Review our treatment options to see if starting with addiction counseling is right for you.

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Effects of Drug Use

Many drug users may start out thinking the abuse is a victimless habit. Some users start taking recreational drugs due to social pressures. Others get addicted to prescription medication because they are looking for pain relief.

In either case, the consequences of use can be devastating to the individual. Different substances have various short-term effects for the user, such as these common reactions:

  • Slurred speech
  • Mood swings
  • Dizziness
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • Anxiety
  • Heart palpitations

Long-term Effects

As serious as the short-term problems may be, the effects of drugs can be even more alarming if used over an extended period. If individuals continue to use drugs, their cognitive abilities could diminish. Users may experience difficulty remembering things or making simple decisions. It may be hard for them to learn new concepts. Those suffering from addiction can exhibit poor judgment and may be confused even in what should be familiar situations. Brain damage could occur, as can other mental and physical health conditions such as depression, psychosis, asthma, and bone marrow damage.

The Importance of Choosing Drug Addiction Counseling

Drug addiction is not a problem most people can conquer by themselves. Addiction can be powerful and creates an insatiable appetite for a drug. When users decide to get help from an addiction specialist, they put issues quality hands. The addiction specialist works with each patient on an individual level and provides guidance based on the person’s needs. These specialists have the training and knowledge to make an addicted user feel confident about the treatment provided.

Addiction Medicine Treatments

There is no magic solution to get a person to overcome drug addiction instantly. An addiction specialist can take the time to talk with patients and discuss concerns and challenges in depth. The end goal is for the patient to change behavior and habits. For a behavioral change to be made, patients need to understand that they have issues, but that there is a way to get in control and live a healthy life away from drugs or other substances.

Because every patient has varying degrees of addiction challenges, the specialist puts together an appropriate individualized program for the person. Some of the counseling may involve one-on-one meetings, while other approaches may focus on group situations.

The Process

Initial meetings include an in-depth evaluation of the patient’s overall health and wellness as well as a history of health problems in the family. The addiction specialist assesses the person’s addiction: how long it has been going on, the severity of it, and factors that may have led to it. The counseling team sets out to teach the patient ways to cope with addiction.

The patient learns about strategies to stop using and to stay away from drugs. There is typically an emphasis on goal setting and planning for the future. This includes outlooks on the patient’s career, relationships, daily activities, and education. Drug addiction counseling usually provides frequent follow-up and encouragement to the patient through every stage of the process.

Conditions Counseling Can Treat

Our drug addiction counseling is designed to address and treat physical and emotional problems related to drug addiction. This includes mental health illnesses and behavioral challenges, such as anger issues. Patients who have suffered overdoses may also benefit from working with our addiction specialist.

Escape the Chains

Addiction can rob you of your freedom to act and choose. It can impair your body and mind in alarming ways. With Specialists Medication Assisted Treatment’s assistance, you can discover coping mechanisms and techniques to manage and control the need to use drugs. Our staff can help you leave substance abuse behind so that you can feel hopeful about your future.

If you or a family member is struggling with drug addiction, make an appointment with us right away by calling us at (502) 212-0071.

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