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Drug abuse counseling can significantly improve the odds of you successfully putting a drug habit behind you. We can combine counseling with other treatments for drug addiction, like medication-assisted therapy (MAT). Drug abuse counseling addresses the social and physiological issues that promote addiction in the first place.

Individual and group drug abuse counseling is available at Specialists Medication Assisted Treatment. We have 2 convenient locations in Jeffersontown and Elizabethtown. If left untreated, the addiction will only get worse and continue to impact a person's life negatively. Counseling can help you to work through the recovery process and develop healthy behaviors to promote living a sober lifestyle.

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Reasons for Drug Abuse Counseling

Counseling can help patients determine underlying conditions that may be spurring addiction. For instance, certain mental health conditions can cause substance abuse and eventually lead to addiction. With counseling, we can also help patients learn how to cope with sobriety. We can help patients identify the negative behaviors and lifestyle choices that promote addiction.

We will help patients learn to handle various factors of one's lifestyle that can promote addictive tendencies, such as:


Many patients start off using drugs as a way to cope with stress. Such people might feel an urge to start using again whenever they feel stressed out. Drug abuse counseling can teach such people techniques to cope with stress, so they do not end up using drugs as a means to escape.

Environmental factors

Many environmental factors can lead to relapse. For example, a patient might feel a need to use drugs when they visit certain places where they used to indulge their addiction in the past. One's home environment can also spur addictive tendencies. Individual and cognitive behavioral therapy can teach the patient how to identify what their environmental factors are and avoid them.

Social factors

The company we keep can also trigger drug cravings. A former drug user might feel an urge to use if they run into people who they used to take drugs with in the past. Counseling helps patients learn how to identify these people and effective ways to limit contact with them.

Differences Between Individual and Group Counseling

There are differences between individual and group counseling sessions to help patients work through the recovery process. The type of counseling session a patient needs can vary per each situation. In most cases, patients will go to both over time. The length of time a counseling session takes will vary per patient.

Individual counseling sessions will involve one on one time with one of our counselors. Our goal with one on one counseling is to help the patient work through their addiction recovery plan. These sessions will focus more on the patient's individual experiences and issues to help promote healthier lifestyle choices.

Group counseling allows for patients to receive the benefits of addiction counseling in a group of other patients who understand the struggle. By meeting in a group setting, patients can also help support each other throughout the recovery process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as drug abuse?

Drug abuse is the misuse of over-the-counter/prescription drugs or the use of illegal drugs. It can lead to emotional, physical, and social problems. Drug abuse also leads to school/job-related problems. For many, their addiction leads to legal problems.

What will be the effect of ignoring my drug problem?

Not tackling your drug problem can lead to health conditions like hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, mental illness, cancer, lung disease, and heart disease. Addiction is a disease that affects the brain. Even if the addiction does not seem to be immediate, it will gradually build and take over a patient's life.

How long does treatment last?

Treatment times vary based on factors like the drug you are addicted to and how addicted you are. The battle does not end with the initial treatment since patients will continue to face temptations throughout life. Fortunately, we can help them learn to cope with those moments and move past them.

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