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A comprehensive treatment center provides effective treatments for those who are struggling with chemical dependency and drug addiction. We can help to address multiple factors of one's addiction with a customized treatment approach. We offer medication assisted treatment, individual and group counseling, and management of psychiatric comorbidities like anxiety and depression. Professional care at a comprehensive treatment center is available at Specialists Medication Assisted Treatment. We have 2 convenient locations in Jeffersontown and Elizabethtown. Call 502-653-3575 to set up an appointment to start treatment or set things up for a loved one.

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A Comprehensive Treatment Approach

The National Institute on Drug Addiction outlines the devastating effects drug addiction can have on a person's life. Regular drug use alters behavior and brain function. The changes in behavior can linger and get worse without professional treatment. That is one of the reasons why former drug users can easily relapse even after long periods of sobriety.

There is no single drug treatment that is appropriate for all patients. Treatment plans vary depending on the patient's unique characteristics and their drug of choice. Comprehensive treatment centers match each patient's treatment plan to their circumstances. The goal of treatment is to help the patient overcome their drug use and to get back to being a productive member of their family and society.

Our comprehensive treatment center aims to provide readily available drug treatment to those who need it. We understand that patients might be reluctant to enter treatment, so our team will help to streamline the process as much as possible. We will help the patient every step of the way on the path to recovery.

Services at Our Comprehensive Treatment Center

Our team provides treatments for all phases of drug rehabilitation. These include:

  • Diagnosis: Understanding why you feel a need to use drugs, how it has affected your life, your triggers, and your drug use patterns can increase the success of treatment. Having these things written down at the start of treatment allows the healthcare provider to craft a treatment plan that addresses all of the patient’s needs.
  • Counseling: Individual counseling addresses mental and behavioral issues that might be pushing the patient toward addiction. Group counseling allows the patient to share their experiences with others going through the same thing. The group will serve as an extra source of motivation as they hold the patient accountable.
  • Treatment: We will customize the treatment plan to each patient and their needs. We can make changes to the treatment plan, when necessary.

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Your addiction will continue causing problems until you decide to put it behind you. Our comprehensive treatment center provides all the services you need as you try to live a drug-free life. Call us at 502-653-3575 to learn more or visit our comprehensive treatment center to begin the road to recovery. You do not have to battle drug addiction alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a comprehensive treatment plan include?

Comprehensive treatment means addressing all of the things that impact a person's decision to use drugs. It gives the patient all the tools they need to deal with any obstacles that life might throw their way as they sober up. It uses only evidence-based treatments.

How effective is drug treatment?

Drug addiction can be effective since no patient will be able to beat their addiction on their own. The effectiveness of the treatment will also depend on the level of participation the patient has during the treatment. With our counseling and medication-assisted treatment services, we can help guide the patient on the road to recovery.

How long does treatment last?

Treatment times vary for each patient depending on factors like their drug of choice, how long they have already struggled with the addiction and the level of commitment the patient has toward treatment.

Will I have to change my lifestyle for treatment?

While you will stop using the substance, the types of changes will vary per patient. We provide an outpatient medication-assisted treatment, so you will most likely continue your daily routine. If you are unable to, we can go over possible options. Other lifestyle changes will involve avoiding negative behaviors or lifestyle settings that promote drug use.

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