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Addiction recovery is a lifelong journey that comes with many obstacles. The first step is seeking treatment and recovery from the addiction. However, addiction recovery is about much more than merely cleansing the body of the drug or substance in question. Addiction recovery gives patients the life-management skills they need to make lifestyle changes that promote healthier choices, stay sober, and build a support system.

Addiction recovery services are available at Specialists Medication Assisted Treatment. We have 2 convenient locations in Jeffersontown and Elizabethtown. We provide services like counseling sessions, recovery programs, customized treatment plans, medication-assisted treatment, and more. Reach out to us at 502-653-3575 to set up an appointment.

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How Addiction Recovery Services Help

Even though each patient is unique, and our addiction recovery treatment is customized for each patient, there are common areas of focus for all patients. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, SAMHSA, states that four significant factors that support recovery include:

  • Health: This involves making decisions that support your mental and physical well-being. It includes avoiding drugs and other negative behaviors that promote substance abuse. Sobering up also helps reduce the patient’s odds of contracting diseases like HIV/AIDS.
  • Purpose: A recovering patient’s purpose gives them extra motivation to get through cravings. Patients with a clearly defined purpose, such as a specific goal they want to reach, are more likely to stay drug-free. We can help patients develop this goal and a plan to work toward it.
  • Community: Having a support system to help you deal with the struggles of sober living goes a long way. A support system provides additional motivation and holds you accountable. You find yourself not wanting to disappoint the members of your group.
  • Home: Being able to go to bed in a safe, stress-free environment is essential for addiction recovery. Sober Living homes provide alternatives to those who need an environment that meets these criteria.

The Recovery Process

Addiction recovery starts with recognizing chemical dependency and seeking treatment. The first phase involves getting the drug out of your system. At Specialists Medication Assisted Treatment, we administer medication-assisted treatments that can help to minimize the symptoms of withdrawal. The medication can target the symptoms or block the pleasure receptors in the brain. Medically combating withdrawal symptoms helps to protect your health as you transition into a sober lifestyle.

Real recovery starts during the second stage as the patient transitions to life without using. Addicts often use drugs as a coping mechanism, and they might feel an urge to get a fix when a trigger is activated. Drug addiction treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy and individual therapy can teach patients how to manage their triggers and handle stress without using.

Group therapy sessions can help patients to find a sense of purpose and community. Many recovering addicts find satisfaction in helping others who are in a position they once were. Motivational sessions with a therapist can also help you to figure out what makes you feel fulfilled and gives you satisfaction.

Benefits of Professional Addiction Treatment

No matter what people may assume, going cold turkey is not the most effective solution for addiction treatment. While people may eventually cleanse the addictive substance from their bodies, the addictive behaviors and cravings will still be there. Thus, patients need a customized treatment plan and support for recovery.

Another benefit of our treatment is that we can provide medication to help curb the withdrawal symptoms and make the recovery process more manageable. We can help to build a support system for the patient to help them on the road to recovery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does addiction recovery mean I'm cured?

Not really. Recovery means you have started transitioning to living a sober life. It varies depending on the drug you are recovering from, but, generally speaking, the longer you go without using drugs, the less intense your cravings get. Eventually, life without using drugs becomes your new normal, but there will always be a chance of relapse. Getting therapy to address triggers and mental issues that might lead to relapse can make it easier to stay sober in the long-term.

Is going cold turkey the best way to deal with addiction?

Not according to science. For many addictive substances, people who attempt to quit cold turkey are most likely to relapse. Addiction results from many factors and quitting on your own only addresses the chemical dependency. There are still underlying mental and behavioral issues that need proper treatment so you can live a sober life.

How long does recovery last?

Recovery from addiction is a life-long journey. Drug abuse treatments are geared to provide support as you recover. Individual and group therapy sessions can be beneficial until you are confident you can manage day-to-day life on your own.

What happens if I relapse during recovery?

Relapsing is not the end of the world. Using a drug once will not automatically get you hooked on it once again. Do not beat yourself up about it and analyze why you used the drug in the first place. Go back to sober living immediately and talk to your support system about it.

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